FAN Book:  


    STORIES OF Fans of the Rolling Stones

copyright © andrea baker (andee), 2014 Miniver Press


table of contents

  1. Bullet Forward  by Doug Potash

  1. Bullet Introduction:       “Start Me Up:  The Rolling Stones Fan Project”

  1. Bullet Chapter One:     ”Connection:  Finding the Music and Joining Rolling Stones Fan



  1. Bullet Chapter Two:      “2000 Light Years from Home:  The Stones and Other Bands from 

                                          Counterculture to Cyberspace”


  1. Bullet Chapter Three:    “Hope You Get My Name:  Stones Fans and Their User IDs”

  1. Bullet Chapter Four:      “Baby Break It Down:  How Online Communication Enriches the

                                           Stones Fan Experience”


  1. Bullet Chapter Five:       “Can You Hear the Music:  Going to Live Shows from the Early Days   

                                            through ‘A Bigger Bang’ Tour”


  1. Bullet Chapter Six:        “Rocks Off:  The Tongue Pit Experience on the 50 and Counting Tour” 

  1. Bullet Chapter Seven:    “Just Want to See His Face:  Up Close and Personal Encounters with

                                           The Rolling Stones”

  1. Bullet Epilogue:             “Don’t Stop:  Stones’ Future, Fans’ Future”

  1. Bullet Acknowledgments