Experimental Multi-access Key to All Taxa

This multi-access key is experimental, being rather incomplete at present. However, selection of a few character states should narrow down possible identifications to one or a few taxa. Click on or touch the box of any character state present on your specimen (it will turn yellow, to show which states you have chosen); click or touch it again to deselect the state. The taxa that do not correspond to these states will disappear. Character states that become unimportant to further identification will become gray. To see all possible character states for a specific taxon, click that taxon's box (but not directly on the name). To go to a taxon page, click on the name. Taxa in unbolded font do not have completed webpages.


Authored by Harvey Ballard on 13 July, 2020.

This key is driven by SAIKS ©2006 Greg Alexander, based on SLIKS by Stinger. This version of SAIKS was modified by the Bamboo Phylogeny Group under the GPLv2, and adapted by Harvey Ballard for use here.