Make sure you visit our Introduction page for a general view of what has been happening with the classification of this fascinating group of organisms. A lot has changed since my retirement in 2000, and anyone interested in the plasmodiophorids needs to keep abreast of the molecular studies and updated phylogenies. I apologize if I have missed any recent studies and have not included them on this website.

Note that I have added "Personal Comments" to several of the pages to give visitors to the site an idea of how specimens were collected from different interesting locations and the people who helped obtain many of the specimens. I also have been updating some of the images. When we first went online on 12 December 1995, methods for scanning images and putting them on websites were crude compared to standards used today. Eventually most of the inferior images will be replaced with images that have been edited with GIMP.

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My research was supported in part by The National Science Foundation, the Ohio University Research Committee, and the Baker Fund of Ohio University.

Comments or suggestions are always welcome. Good luck with your research on the plasmos.

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