Ohio Copperheads

The Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) is an interesting venomous snake that is fairly abundant in southeast Ohio. The subspecies that occurs here is the Northern Copperhead (A. c. mokasen). Their colors and patterns are variable and I always enjoy seeing them. As of January 2020, I have 140 records of Ohio Copperheads in my database, spread across 10 counties and 26 townships. Only animals that I take the time to photograph are put in the database; new locations are always included. I have seen many more than 140 Copperheads in Ohio. Here are some highlights from over the years, organized by county. I've made an effort to show the variety of the animals and situations where they can be found.

Adams County. The animal is posed on the board that it was found under. Copperheads are quite abundant in Adams County, but this seems to be the only one I've ever seen there. I have not spent much time looking for them in this area.

Athens County. As found under cover. The cracked ground is often what you see around here in the late summer.

Athens County. As found in a carpet pad.

Athens County. As found in a discarded pile of insulation. Two Copperheads and a Black Ratsnake are visible. An additional Copperhead was present, but is not visible from this angle. I guess snakes do not get the itchies from insulation...

Gallia County. This animal was found under some rubbish at an old coal mining site.

Gallia County. Almost as found on a road in the late summer.

Gallia County. As found under carpet. Look closely, there are two.

One of the above snakes. This one was particularly attractive.

The other Copperhead.

Gallia County. A pair of copperheads, as found at an old stump.

Hocking County. This animal and photograph are nothing special. It was found under a large rock. I have not seen very many in Hocking County.

Jackson County. This was a young one, shown almost as found under a rock. It was found in mid June, and still has a yellow tail. It is believed that young Copperheads will use their yellow tail to try to lure prey to within striking distance.

Lawrence County. Found on a road at night.

Lawrence County. The same snake as in the previous photo and my second “Southern Ohio Copperheads” hat. It is the replacement for my first one, which I had lost a couple of months earlier in June 2009. I've now had this hat for 10 years and it is starting to show its age.

The Southern Ohio Copperheads are a collegiate summer baseball team based right here in Athens, Ohio. The team consists of college baseball players from all over who are not paid. They use wooden bats to prepare for professional baseball. It's really nice to have some summer baseball in town!

Lawrence County. This is a nice gray phase animal that was found crossing a road at night.

Lawrence County. As found in a carpet pad.

Lawrence County. As found crossing a road at dusk.

Lawrence County. Almost as found under a board. This is a very large and attractive example.

Lawrence County. A pair of Copperheads, as spotted inside a hollow log.

Pike County. This is an attractive gray phase animal that was found under carpet.

Ross County. As found under a sheet of metal. This one really has a “copper” head.

Ross County. As found under a board.

The board the previous snake was found under.

Scioto County. Found on a road at night. This is my original “Southern Ohio Copperheads” hat. I lost it in 2009, while searching rock cuts in west Texas...

Scioto County. Found on a road at night. This one has a nice pink color.

Vinton County. I saw a fence lizard run into a crack between a railroad tie and a large concrete block that is part of a bridge abutment. I put my face up to the crack, and waited for my eyes to adjust. When they finally did, this is what I saw... I'm glad I wear glasses...

Vinton County. A pair of Copperheads, as found under a rock slab.

A closer look at one of them.

Vinton County. Photographed as spotted on the forest floor.

Vinton County. Photographed as spotted at an abandoned railroad bridge abutment.

A closer look at the previous snake.

The above image forms the basis for my Ohio Copperhead avatar:

Vinton County. This is a nice red one. I wish that I could have got a better photograph of it, but it was already in the process of bailing under the railroad tie. The tie was part of an active railroad and was not movable.

Vinton County. Neonate Copperhead, with a yellow tail.

Vinton County. As found under a slab of concrete.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed. I look forward to finding more in new places.

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