James Dyer
Professor of Geography

Introduction to Tree Coring &
Preparing Tree Cores for Analysis

Video Clips Produced by Dylan Helena Dyer

Plus Supplemental Materials (PDF Format) on Mounting, Sanding, and Crossdating Cores

Introduction to Tree Coring (4 Parts):
Part 1: Getting started; beginning to core [oak tree]

Part 2: Extracting the core and storing it in the straw

Part 3: Taking a second core from the oak tree; starting to core a beech

Part 4: Extracting the core from a leaky beech; coring a pine (coring summary); cleaning the increment borer

Preparing Tree Cores for Analysis (2 Parts):

Part 1: Mounting cores; using a belt sander

Part 2: Sanding by hand; crossdating basics

Supplemental materials (PDFs)

Last updated 27 July 2017

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