James Dyer
Professor of Geography
Ohio University

Virtual Field Trips:
Videos for the "Landscape Observation Project" in Physical Geography
[GEOG 1100]
Videos shot by Dylan Dyer

#1 - Introduction
Observing and interpreting the natural landscape. What makes a good study site? App demonstration for identifying plants and animals.

#2 - Aspect and Radiation
Comparing north-facing and south-facing slopes in an Ohio old growth forest.

#3 - Topography and Soil Moisture
Comparing the mesic conditions of a valley to the xeric conditions of a ridge.

#4 - Edge Environments
Microclimate and vegetation response at a forest edge compared to the adjacent powerline corridor. Light, temperature, and humidity; growth form, shade tolerance, and species composition.

#5 - Changes Over Time
Succession, Adaptations, and Non-native Species.

#6 - Changes Over Time II
Canopy, Understory, and Treefall Gaps.

#7 - Soils
Identifies soil horizons, and demonstrates "texture by feel." Compares soil texture and color at two nearby sites with different parent material.

#8 - Fluvial Features
Discusses knickpoints, V-shaped channels, downcutting, meandering, bank undercutting and point bars.

#9 - Geological Features
Looks at an exposed sandstone cliff, and its underlying shale layer that is being undercut.


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