About Me

I am current a postdoc research associate from OHIO University. I am woking on the filed of nuclear reaction, in particular using the few body techniques, Faddeev equations and its simplified form, namely, CDCC, to solve weakly bound projectile induced reactions. I obtained my Bachelor degree in machineical engineering from Northeastern University, China in 2010. Since then I began my carrer in physics, I got my Master degree in experimental nuclear physics from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013 and achieved my Ph.D in theoretical nuclear physics from Universidad de Sevilla in 2016.

Contact Details

Jin Lei
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701



Universidad de Sevilla

PhD July 2016

My theis title is "Study of inclusive breakup reactions induced by weakly bound nuclei". Full test of my theis can be found at idUS

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Master of Science June 2013

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Engineering June 2010


My publications can be found at Google Scholar

My current research falls into three different topics in the field of nuclear reaction:

  1. Uncertainty quantification of effective nuclear intearctions
  2. Find the exact solutions of quantum few body problems
  3. Compute reaction observables by using quantum few body model


At Ohio University, I helped Professor Charlotte Elster teach Quantum Mechanics II on a few occasions.

I am also a lecturer in the summer school of TALENT course on Theory for exploring nuclear reaction experiments, June 3 to 21, 2019, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

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