At the 2008 International Material Handling Research Colloquium in Dortmund, Germany Dale T. Masel, Ph.D
Ohio University
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair

Office: 273 Stocker Center Phone: (740) 593-1541
  Athens, Ohio 45701 Fax: (740) 593-0778
E-mail: Calendar: On Line (via Google)
AIM: dtmasel Google Chat: dale.masel

Recent Courses Taught
        Course Title
UC 1900 Learning Community Seminar
ISE 1100 Intro to Computers and IE
ISE 4360/5360 Material Handling Systems

Sponsored Projects
  • General Electric Aircraft Engines (GEAE), COMPEAT$™ Cost Model Development & Maintenance
    • Duration: September 2000-present
  • General Electric Power & Water Systems, Development of Cost Models for GE Gas, Steam, and Wind Turbines and Oil & Gas Engines
    • Duration: August 2007-present
Read a story in Ohio University's Outlook with more details on our work for GE

Journal Publications
  • William A. Young, Dale T. Masel, and Robert P. Judd, "A matrix-based methodology for determining a part family’s learning rate." (2008) Computers and Industrial Engineering, Volume 54, Issue 3, April 2008, pp. 390-400
  • F. Fazleena Badurdeen and D.T. Masel, "A genetic algorithm-based approach to design minicells for mass customisation manufacturing." International Journal of Mass Customisation (2008) Vol. 2, No.3/4 pp. 282 - 302
  • Fazleena Badurdeen and D.T. Masel, “A modular minicell configuration for mass customisation manufacturing.” (2007) International Journal of Mass Customisation, Vol. 2, No.1/2, pp. 39 – 56.
  • David A. Koonce, Robert P. Judd, Dušan N. Šormaz, and Dale T. Masel, (2003) “A Hierarchical Cost Estimation Tool”, Computers and Industry, Vol. 50:3, pp. 293-302.
  • Dale T. Masel and D.J. Medeiros, (2001) “Estimating Expecting Sortation Time for a Partially Filled Discrete Conveyor,” International Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol. 8:3, pp. 220-229.

Other Publications
  • F. Fazleena Badurdeen and Dale T. Masel, (2003) “Determining Batch Size to Minimize Labor Requirements in Distribution Center Operations,” Proceedings of the Group Technology/Cellular Manufacturing World Symposium 2003, Columbus, Ohio, pp. 171-176.
  • Thomas K. Keyser, Dale T. Masel, and William A. Brown, (2003) “Web-Based Simulation for Using an HTML/XML Interface for Manufacturing Sub-System Coordination,” Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, San Francisco, CA.
  • Dale T. Masel and F. Fazleena Badurdeen, (2003) “Methods for Optimizing Staffing Levels in a Manual Order Picking Distribution Center,” Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, San Francisco, CA.
  • Dale T. Masel and Jon Van Euwen, (2002) “Determining Strategies to Minimize Order Picking Path Length in a Distribution Center,” Progress in Material Handling Research: 2002, Material Handling Institute, Charlotte, NC, pp.287-304.
  • Dale T. Masel, (2000) “Methods for Real Time Generation of Order Picking Waves,” Progress in Material Handling Research: 2000, Material Handling Institute, Charlotte, NC, pp. 195-205.
  • Dale T. Masel and Thomas K. Keyser, (2000) “Distributed Simulation for Active Learning of Interdependent Manufacturing Subsystems,” Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Engineering Design and Automation, Orlando, Florida.
  • Thomas K. Keyser and Dale T. Masel, (2000) “Distributed Simulation for Active Learning of Manufacturing System Management,” Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research 2000 Conference, Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Dale T. Masel and Murali Narisetty, (2000) “The Application of Similarity Measures for Wave Formation in an Order Picking Warehouse,” Proceedings of the Group Technology/Cellular Manufacturing World Symposium, San Juan, Puerto Rico, pp.171-175.
  • Dale T. Masel, (1999) “Adapting the Longest Processing Time Heuristic (LPT) for Output Station Assignment in a Sortation Facility”Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research ’99 Conference, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Dale T. Masel and David Goldsmith, (1997) “Using a Simulation Model to Evaluate the Configuration of a Sortation Facility,” Proceedings of the 1997 Winter Simulation Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, pp. 1210-13.

Graduate Student Theses
Bradley Hollingsworth (MSISE, Spring 2003)
Decision Strategy to Minimize Replenishment Costs in a Distribution Center with Forward-Reserve Storage
F. Fazleena Badurdeen (MSISE, Fall 2002)
Determining Optimal Staffing Levels for the Picking and Packing Operations in a Distribution Center
Satyajit Datar (MSISE, Fall 2002)
Hypothesis Testing for the Process Capability Ratio
Shawn Gallaher (MSISE, Fall 2002)
A Methodology for Determining Relationships between Jet Engine Disk Part Geometry and Feature Dimensions
Brian Pepper (MSISE, Summer 2002)
Evaluation of Process Models to Estimate Time to Produce Aircraft Engine Part Features
Murtaza Shehabi (MSISE, Summer 2002)
Cost Tolerance Optimization for Piecewise Continuous Cost Tolerance Functions
Murali Narisetty (MSISE, Spring 2002)
Methods in Order Batching for Picking in an Order Picking Distribution Center
Ivan Aliwarga (MSISE, Summer 2001)
A Tool for Comparing Cost of Conveyor Network Layouts
Murtuza Habibulla (MSISE, Summer 2001)
Analyzing the Performance of an Order Accumulation and Sortation System Using Simulation: A Design of Experiments Approach
Jon Van Euwen (MSISE, Summer 2001)
An Evaluation of Order Picking Paths and Storage Strategies
Yatika Eaton (MSISE, Spring 2001)
A Framework for Integration of Forward and Reverse Logistics into a Single Facility
Vinod Kumar ML (MSISE, Spring 2001)
Analysis and Optimization of Cross-Docking Systems Through Simulation and Analytical Modeling

  • Coordinator, Material Handling Classroom Day (2009-present)
    • Organized to allow students to attend Promat and NA Trade Shows
    • Coordinated exhibitor participation and student/faculty attendance

  • Advisor, Russ College Engineering Ambassadors (2004-present)
    • Advise the officers and the organization with respect to planning and executing activities related to recruiting, service, professional development, and external relations.
    • Serve as a liaison between the Dean's Office and the Engineering Ambassadors
    • Manage the finances of the organization
  • ISE Department Undergraduate Chair (2002-Present)
    • Perform undergraduate graduation checks
    • Advising transfer students
    • Maintain and update undergraduate curriculum, advising, and other program materials
  • ISE Department Accreditation/Assessment Coordinator (2001-2005)
    • Lead department’s efforts in accreditation process
    • Prepare annual report describing assessment results
  • Russ College of Engineering and Technology Curriculum and Accreditation Committee (2002-2005)
    • ISE Department representative on primary college committee for undergraduate education
  • Ohio University IIE Student Chapter Advisor (2000-2002)
    • Bronze Award, Chapter Recognition Program (2000 and 2002)
    • Gold Award, Chapter Recognition Program (2001)
    • Hosted Region 6 Student Conference, February 28-March 2, 2002
  • Ohio University Alpha Pi Mu Student Chapter Advisor (1999-2000)
  • Ohio University 1804 Award Review Committee (2002)


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering, August 1998
    Penn State
    • University, University Park, Pennsylvania
    • Dissertation Title: A wave generation method to increase distribution center throughput for picking and sorting operations

  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, August 1995
    • Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
    • Thesis Title: A comparison and evaluation of the effect of recirculation in a conveyor-based sortation system

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, June 1993
    • University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

Dale Masel