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"I like the late night sound of the train, clunking down the tracks, through the distant air the scream of its whistle changing pitches as it passes from one somewhere to another who-knows-where. It makes me feel like a boy again." -- Wynton Marsalis

"To anyone outside, a speeding train is a thunderbolt of driving rods, a hot hiss of steam, a blurred flash of coaches, a wall of movement and of noise, a shriek, a wail, and then just emptiness and absence, with a feeling of 'There goes everybody!' without knowing who anybody is... And all of a sudden the watcher feels the vastness and loneliness of America, and the nothingness of all those little lives hurled past upon the immensity of the continent. But if one is inside the train, everything is different." -- Thomas Wolfe

Railroad Magazines (return to top)
Trains.com with Trains and Classic Trains magazines
Railfan and Railroad Magazine
Railpace Newsmagazine
Eastern Railroad News (new URL)
Railfan Guides (return to top)
November 15, 2002 audio story at NPR: Trouble for Trainspotters

Frograil Railfan and Self-guided Tours

West Virginia
North Carolina

Altoona and the Horseshoe Curve:

Horseshoe Curve Chapter of NRHS with Railfan's Guide to Altoona
Horseshow Curve by the Railroaders Heritage Corporation
Railfanning the PRR: Altoona, PA
Gallitzin Tunnels Park & Museum

Ohio Railroad Page by Don Narris--"dedicated to Ohio railroads, past and present"
Railroads of Ohio by Brian Minnich, with information about all the railroads in Ohio
Northern West Virginia's Railroads by Matt Reese and Chris Strogen
B&O RR Photo Tours in and around Maryland by Steve Okonski
Saluda Grade by Robin Michael
Allan Gartner's guide to the Clinchfield Railroad

Tourist Shortlines, Museums, and Historical Societies (return to top)
Jerry Jacobson's Age of Steam Roundhouse

Ashtabula, Carson, & Jefferson Railway, Ashtabula, Ohio
B&O Railroad Museum & Willard Area Historical Society, Willard, Ohio
Zanesville & Western Scenic Railroad, formerly the Buckeye Central Scenic RR
Byesville Scenic Railway, Byesville, Ohio

The Cincinnati Railroad Club

The Cincinnati Railway Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
Connotton Valley Railway, Bedford, Ohio
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, northeast Ohio
Dennison Railroad Museum, Dennison, Ohio
Harrod Railroad Park, Harrod, Ohio
The Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad, Nelsonville, Ohio
Jefferson Village Depot, Jefferson, Ohio (new URL)
Lorain & West Virginia Railway, Wellington, Ohio
Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum, Bellevue, Ohio (new URL)
Midwest Railway Preservation Society -- "Preserving Cleveland's Railroad Heritage"
Northern Ohio Railway Museum, Chippewa Lake, Ohio

Ohio Railway Museum, Worthington, Ohio
Orrville Railroad Heritage Society, Orville, Ohio
Toledo, Lake Erie, & Western Railway, Waterville, Ohio
Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad (formerly Turtle Creek & Lebanon Railway)
Warther Carvings, Dover, Ohio

The Bluegrass Railroad Museum, Versailles, Kentucky
Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven, Kentucky

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, Dillsboro & Bryson City, NC

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, Cumberland, Maryland

The Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society and the Chessie Shop
Collis P. Huntington RRHS (new URL)
The Chessie System Historical Society (and direct URL)
Norfolk Southern S Historical Society (gone?)
The official Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum page
Wes Barris' Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Musuem page
Scott Dunlap's Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Network
Mike Stutz's Database of Railroad Attractions at DenverRails.com
RRHistorical.com--"Your First Stop for Railroad Historical Information"
Chesapeake & Ohio 614 (new URL)
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, home of Nickel Plate 765

The Railroad Model and Historical Society of Southeastern Ohio

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust -- Peppercorn class A1 Pacific steam locomotive
UKSteam Info, UK Railway Preservation Site
Great Western Society, Bristol Group & Signal and Telegraph Project

Rail History (return to top)
From The Lost Promise of the American Railroad by Mark Reutter:

The impact of interstates would be little short of shattering. Between 1956 and 1969, a total of 28,800 miles of interstate highways were opened to traffic. In the same period, 59,400 miles of railroad were taken out of passenger service. General Motors, like many other manufacturers, bailed out of the passenger-train business in the 1950s, although it continued to make diesel freight locomotives at its plant in La Grange, Illinois. America's rail-passenger service dwindled from 2,500 intercity (noncommuter) trains operated in 1954 to fewer than 500 in 1969. By that time it was impossible to ride a train between Houston and Dallas or Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Gone was the South's first streamliner, the Rebel. Other trains that figured prominently in the great speed-up of the 1930s--the Chicago & North Western's 400's, the B&O's Royal Blue, the Milwaukee Road's Hiawathas, the Union Pacific's City of Portland, the New Haven's Comet--were excised from the timetable or combined with other trains. Cars built for the world-famous 20th Century Limited were sold to the Mexican National Railways, which ran them out of Guadalajara and Mexico City.

The Lost Promise of the American Railroad
by Mark Reutter, archived at Start HSR

Streamliners--America's Lost Trains,
an American Experience presentation by PBS

The Pioneer Zephyr
at the Museum of Science & Technology in Chicago

The California Zephyr Virtual Museum

Riding the Zephyr by Terry Hogan
The Mark Twain Zephyr at NRMA

The American Railroads: A Long and Storied History (american-rails.com)

Ad*Access at Duke Libraries, with hundreds of railroad advertisements from 1944 to 1954

"I am afraid we ruined a lot of good railroad men in Galesburg, during the two days we ran the Zephyr back and forth through the Burlington switch yards, as our cameras recorded action violating all the safety first regulations they had learned in a lifetime. Our picture is very bad railroading but thrilling entertainment." -- Glendon Allvine, producer of The Silver Streak

A Review of the 1934 RKO Radio Pictures Silver Streak by Bill Monson

Gary Schaal's Columbus Union Station page (new URL)
Joseph Brennan's Abandoned Stations of NYC

Saluda by Frank Clodfelter from the November 1984 "Trains" magazine (PDF)

O. Winston Link

August 3, 2000 audio story at NPR (RealAudio)
February 2, 2000 Obituary at NPR (RealAudio)

Rembembering O. Winston Link at NPR
Link's Trains at NPR The Fading Giant: Bygone Train Sights and Sounds at NPR

Mark Plank's Bibliography of the T&OC

The Historical Marker Database

Rail Passenger Service (return to top)

...Congress will have to begin treating Amtrak, the nation's passenger railroad, as what it is: "an essential component of our national transportation system." -- Philadelphia Inquirer

America by Rail -- "The Best Way to See America!"

National Association of Railroad Passengers

Midwest High Speed Rail, promoting high-speed passenger rail service in the midwest
Start High Speed Rail -- "Bringing Comfort Back to Travel"

Trains Need Help, Too at the NY Times

Corporate (return to top)
The CSX Corporation Home Page
The Norfolk Southern Corporation Home Page
Via Rail Canada
The Union Pacific Railroad Home Page
Other Sites (return to top)
TrainStation.com -- train station locations
DepotMaps.com -- "Dedicated to historic railroad passenger depots in the U.S."

Rock on Trains by Tom Rock
Ohio Existing Railroad Stations by Dan West--new URL
Michigan Railroad Photos, Information, & Links
Pennsylvania Existing Railroad Station by Dan West
Michigan Passenger Stations by Lou Van Winkle

Steam in Ohio by Jason Johnson
David Dupler's Railroad Page & Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad Gallery
Chessie Photo Archives and CSX Photo Archives by Dean J. Heacock
The Lost Engines of Roanoke

1953 B&O Operations Manual, transcribed by Ed Hobbs, at archive.org (original URL)

Railroad.net--forums for rail enthusiasts
Railfan.net--"By Railfans for Railfans"
Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page by Daniel Dawdy
RailServe--Internet Railroad Directory

North American Railroad Frequencies as compiled by Jon Roma (no longer maintained)
U.S. Railroad Radio Frequencies, as compiled by Jim Kalrath (still maintained?)

Dover Harbor--a restored heavyweight pullman passenger rail car
Fallen Flag Railroad Photos (new URL)
Stan's Railpix--A Railroad Photo Gallery by Stan Feldman (new URL)
Norfolk Southern Photo Archive including NS Roster and radio freqs; by Jonathon Sharp

Suggested Photo Locations by others


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