Vardges Melkonian

     Associate Professor

Contact Information


Current and recent courses

Math 3050 Discrete Mathematics

Math 4630/5630 Discrete Modeling and Optimization

Math 4620/5620 Linear and Nonlinear Optimization

Math 3200/5200 Applied Linear Algebra

Math 1350 Survey of Calculus



Research Interests

            Combinatorial Optimization

Mathematical Programming

Applications of Operations Research

Approximation Algorithms



Selected Publications


V. Melkonian
”Mathematical Models for a Social Partitioning Problem"
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V. Lskavyan and V. Melkonian
“A Computational Model of Politicians–Bureaucracy Relationship in a Competitively Authoritarian Environment”
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V. Melkonian
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V. Melkonian
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V. Melkonian
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