Heathkit AR-3 and Q-multiplier

One-owner Heathkit AR-3 and Q-multiplier

Heath AR-3 and Q-mult

AR-3 chassis

Five tube transformer-operated general coverage communications receiver. This one-owner Heathkit was purchased for $29.95 as a kit plus $4.95 for the cabinet. The Q-multiplier on top draws its power from the AR-3 and connects to its IF jack. It cost an extra $9.95. Much to Heath's credit, the design, construction, and manual were simple enough that the 8th grader pictured above could build this with some help for alignment. The purchase price represented a lot of hard-earned paper-route money. Heath ads for this version of the AR-3 can be found in QST and other electronics magazines from 1957 to 1960.
An earlier version of the AR-3 with a smaller bandswitch knob and with a darker pyroxylin covered cabinet like that of the earlier AR-2 was introduced in September 1955 in Heath ads in Radio TV News. Earlier price was $27.95 plus $4.50 for the cabinet.
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