BC-779A version of Hammarlund SP-200 series

Hammarlund SP-200 series, BC-779A version

Here is another of the Hammarlund Super-Pro 200 series that saw service in the military during WW II. See the R-129/U page for more information on another in that series.

Like all of the SP-200 series, the power supply is separate. This particular set was made for Hammarlund by the Howard Radio Company to meet the 1942 military contract. It has two LF bands covering 100KHz to 400KHz and three shortwave bands covering 2.5 to 20 MHz.

Pictures of WW II aviation ground stations such as those of the Army Airways Communications System typically show 7 or more rack-mounted SP-200 series receivers such as the BC-779 in one or more shades of gray and in black. Matching speakers are mounted as a pair side-by-side in a rack space equivalent in size to the receiver. See the March 1944 issue of QST magazine for information and pictures of AACS installations. These radios were also shipped in quantity to other Allied nations, as noted in period Hammarlund ads.

The order number is 21109-PHILA-42 and the serial number 5978 according to the nomenclature tag.

I replaced these and a half-dozen other leaky Micamold caps in this set. Micamold caps look like but are not the same as regular mica caps which seldom fail. For bypass purposes, a modern ceramic cap is a good replacement.

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