Echophone EC-1

Echophone EC-1

Echo EC-1 picture

Made by Hallicrafters, this receiver predated the S-38 series but had similar AC-DC design. Introduced in the September 1940 Davega ad as "The New Wonderbox" at a cost $19.95. It was available and advertised throughout the war in QST and other electronics magazines. Most of the ads for the receiver, such as the one below from April 1943, featured cartoons of a fictional Private (later Corporal) Hogarth and his army buddies listening to the EC-1. From the ads, one can assume that the radio was intended for the troops as a morale receiver.

When aligned and operating properly, this little radio equals the S-38 in performance. See also the S-41G and the EC-1B

Safety note:One side of the power line is connected to the chassis of the EC-1 which is insulated from the metal case. That insulation needs to be remain intact. Use of an isolation transformer with this and other AC-DC sets is strongly recommended.

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