Boatanchor Pix _ R-517/FRR-26

AN/FRR-26 Navy Receiver

made by Kaar Engineering.

This is a crystal-controlled single frequency receiver. The first crystal is the desired frequency plus 456 KHz. Depending upon crystal, any frequency from about 2 MHz to over 8MHz can be monitored. Three ranges of coverage are switch selected from the rear of the receiver. Those switches select ranges for four RF transformers which are marked for frequency and individually adjustable for preselection. Remote controllable and extremely well shielded, this 13 tube plus selenium rectifier receiver slides out of its enclosure for service.

Although I have repaired this set and it works well, I have no documentation, schematic, approximate age, or information on how it was used. I am assuming it was used in the late 50's for teletype or CW. With the right crystal (or VFO?) this should work well for a QRP frequency
in the 80 or 40 meter bands.

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