Hallicrafters S-120 and SW-500

Hallicrafters S-120

S120 picture

The S-120 is electrically identical to the SW-500 pictured below. The cabinet on this one is a solid gray color as shown. Both the S-120 and the SW-500 are AC-DC and succeeded the S-38 series. Both came standard with the removable telescoping whip antenna. A longer antenna is useful but not needed for listening to the more powerful world-band short wave broadcasters. See page 9 of the December 1962 issue of Electronics World for a nice full-page ad featuring the S-120. Priced at $69.95.

Hallicrafters SW-500

[SW-500 picture]

Except for the color of the case (dark blue metallic) and minor front panel trim, this radio is nearly identical to the Hallicrafters S-120.

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