Hallicrafters S-19R

Hallicrafters S-19R Sky Buddy

Two versions

Hallicrafters low-priced 6 tube transformer-operated receiver. General coverage of 545KHz to 44MHz in 4 bands. Price was $29.50 according to the full-page introductory ad on the back cover of the March 1939 Radio News, "Now with 10 Meter Band and Electrical Bandspread". It replaced the S-19 which had a single tuning control, using mechanical bandspread rather than electrical. The S-19 was last advertised in Radio News in the January 1939 issue.

A later variation of the S-19R (below) uses a toggle switch for the standby-receive function instead of a slide switch. The later version also swapped the double ended 6K7 and 6Q7 (tubes with grid caps) for the single ended 6SK7 and 6SQ7. Other tubes used in both versions were 80 rectifier, 41 audio output, 76 for BFO, and 6K8 for oscillator- mixer. The "meter" in the center is the bandspread scale.
S19R variation

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