TSM articles by KB8TAD

Articles written from 2019 to 2023 by Rich KB8TAD for "The Spectrum Monitor"

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----2023 Radio Restoration columns and articles ----

Sep 2023 A Better Novice MOPA; The Johnson Viking Adventurer
Aug 2023 The Novice MOPA and the Heathkit AT-1
Jul 2023 FEATURE - The Bing Crosby Philco, Model 46-1201
Jul 2023 The 'All-American Five' - Two Zenith clock radios and Hallicrafters S-38EM
Jun 2023 "It doesn't work" Restoring a Hallicrafters SX-71
May 2023 Hot-Chassis Fireworks - Restoring a Hallicrafters S-38
Apr 2023 The RCA Farm set; Model 55F
Mar 2023 National's VHF Receiver-Converter, Model HFS
Feb 2023 Zenith's Own Transoceanic Clone - Zenith Meridian L-507
Jan 2023 "Doorstop" Experiments; Gonset Converters and CBs


----2022 Radio Restoration columns and articles ----

Dec 2022 FEATURE - The Neutrodyne Patent and the Freed-Eisemann NR-5
Dec 2022 The 'Allegro' Hi-Fi Amplifier, Harman-Kardon model A-10
Nov 2022 The Fearnola - 1920s TRF Three-dial Set
Oct 2022 The All-Metal Transoceanic Clone - National NC-66
Sep 2022 National's first Moving-Coil radio; The Art-Deco NC-100
Aug 2022 Surviving the USS Daly - Navy RBS-2
Jul 2022 FEATURE - Zenith's Trans-Oceanics and the T-600
Jul 2022 A Tale of two EXs - The Meissner Signal Shifter
Jun 2022 Lafayette Radio's Cheapest Tombstone: Model 3J4
May 2022 National's Mid-Priced Receiver; The NC-57
Apr 2022 The Smoke Got Out; Hammarlund HQ-170(C)
Mar 2022 1960s FM Stereo: Eico's MX-99 Multiplex Adapter
Feb 2022 Eico ST-96; A 'Stereo' Tuner from 1961
Jan 2022 Eico ST-40; An Integrated Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier from 1961

----2021 Radio Restoration columns and articles ----

Dec 2021 FEATURE - Restoring Three-way Portables, Two Motorolas, an Automatic, and an RCA
Dec 2021 The Sears Simpson 'Super-Power' Set, Silvertone 4165
Nov 2021 The Metal Tube Mistake; Philco 38-7
Oct 2021 That Jukebox Sound - Wurlitzer 530 audio amp, Centennial 2000
Sep 2021 Novelty radios; Master's Art RT-200 and Guild 484
Aug 2021 The Montgomery-Ward catalog set; Airline Model 62-256
Jul 2021 FEATURE - Colonial Radio and its Last Tombstone
Jul 2021 RCA's Personal Jukebox; The 45-RPM Player
Jun 2021 A Correspondence School Kit, National Technical Schools KL-9
May 2021 The Swap Fix; A Tale of Two National NC-109 Receivers
Apr 2021 The Universal Modulator; WRL Globe UM-1
Mar 2021 Rediscovering George Grammer's Simple Receiver; 1930s Homebrew Regeneratives
Feb 2021 Command Receivers Part 2: Powering the Sets
Jan 2021 The Command Receiver: Reviving an ARC-5 and a Navy ARA

----2020 Radio Restoration columns and articles ----

Dec 2020 FEATURE - Panoramic Radio and the Hallicrafters SP-44 Skyrider
Dec 2020 The Motorized Hallicrafters; R45 - AN/ARR7
Nov 2020 The "Rusty-One", Henry Tempo-One transceiver
Oct 2020 The "Dynatomic", Stromberg-Carlson model 1200
Sep 2020 The Cheap Radio; Hallicrafters S-107
Aug 2020 Ameco and the TX-62 Transmitter
Jul 2020 Handy Homebrew Devices for Radio Restoration
Jun 2020 The Tubeless Bargain; Hallicrafters S-40
May 2020 Restoring an Old Acquaintance; Heathkit AR-3
Apr 2020 The GE Chairside; Model F-665
Mar 2020 The Power Lab; Precise model 713
Feb 2020 The Reflex; Crosley Trirdyn
Jan 2020 The Toy Wish that Started an Empire; Crosley's Ace Type V


----2019 Radio Restoration columns and articles ----

Dec 2019 FEATURE - Those Regulated Power Supplies from Heathkit and Others
Dec 2019 Helping Dan - A Silvertone 6230A Farm Set
Nov 2019 The Hallikit - Hallicrafters HT-40 Transmitter
Oct 2019 Rescuing Another Gonset Communicator IV
Sep 2019 Reviving a Poor Man's Collins; the Heathkit SB-301 Receiver
Aug 2019 The Rolls-Royce of Radios: National HRO part II
Jul 2019 FEATURE - Inside the VTVM --(Lafayette KT-174 and PACO V-70)
Jul 2019 Introducing the National HRO
Jun 2019 Fine Business on the Fone Band; National FB-7 pt. II
May 2019 Millen's Ham Superhet; the National FB-7
Apr 2019 Still a Thrill; The National SW-3 "Thrill-Box"
Mar 2019 James Millen and the Toy Company
Feb 2019 Eico HF-35; a Williamson - Mullard 520 audio amplifier
Jan 2019 Part 15, Radio As You Like It

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