Drake 2C and matching 2CQ

Drake 2C and matching 2CQ Speaker with Q-multiplier

[2C picture]

Drake 2C ham-bands only (80 to 10 meters) triple conversion receiver. Each band is 500 KHz wide. The basic tuning range of 3.5 to 4.0 MHz works as a tunable IF with the other bands converted to this range via crystal controlled oscillator. (Crystals are 11, 18 and 25 MHz). An accessory socket enables the receiver to cover any 500 KHz segment from 3 to 30 MHz with the proper crystal. A review can be found in the December 1966 QST (p. 40-42). The receiver uses 5 tubes and 7 transistors. The matching speaker on the left contains the Q-multiplier (one tube) and controls. Accessories include the crystal calibrator (tube) and noise blanker (solid state) which plug into the 2C chassis. (Both are in this set.)

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