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Brand Standards

Print: PMS 342 | Web: #00694E

C:97 M:33 Y:78 K:24 | R:0 G:105 B:78

Print: PMS 404 | Web: #776F67

C:52 M:48 Y:55 K:17 | R:119 G:111 B:103

Print: PMS 728 | Web: #E4BB85

C:17 M:34 Y:50 K:0 | R:211 G:169 B:133


What NOT to Use

The Paw Print

The “Paw” is an historical mark, no longer used to represent Ohio University. While items displaying the Paw may be sold at retail locations in limited quantities for a limited time (such as merchandise from the University’s Heritage Collection), the Paw is no longer an institutional brand and may not be used by University offices or organizations to represent Ohio University. Exceptions will not be granted.

The "Attack Cat"

The “Attack Cat” is confined to use in direct association with Intercollegiate Athletics only. The “Attack Cat” and “OHIO” typography that accompanies its use are not to be substituted for the University signature or logo type for institutional or academic purposes.

The University Seal

The Ohio University seal is used to authenticate the highest official University documents (e.g., diplomas and legal documents). It may be used on other materials only at the discretion of the president and the Board of Trustees. The University seal should never be substituted for the Ohio University signature or logo type.


The initials "OU" are trademarked by Oklahoma University. OU should not represent Ohio University in graphics, logos, words, or on social media. Instead, consider using "OHIO" in all caps.

DOSA Email Signatures

Include a signature at the end of your e-mail account.
On Microsoft Outlook: Go to Tools on the toolbar.
From the drop down menu, select Options.
Select the tab, Mail Format and then click on Signatures.
All signatures should conform to one of the following Division standards:

The Media Team

The student Media Team consists of 5 students managed by Tasha Gardone. The team works on collaborative projects for any department in the Division of Student Affairs.

Emily Brockmann

Design Intern

Melaina Lewis

PR Intern

George Peck

Writing Intern

Josh Eggleston

Video Intern

Ryan Jones

Photography Intern

Example Work

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Moving Forward

The Marketing Committee

Tasha Gardone

Marketing & Design Specialist

Vice President for Student Affairs

Erika Gray

Outreach and Consultation Coordinator

Counseling & Psychological Services

Brian Heilmeier

Assistant Director of Student Activities

Campus Involvement Center

Larrissa Keiser

Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications

Campus Recreation

Nicole Lovins

Assistant Director - Marketing and Assessment

Event Services

Johnna Matulja

Assistant Director for Assignments & Systems Management

Residential Housing

Erika Peyton

Assistant Director of Employer Relations and Marketing

Career & Leadership Development Center

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