The Division of Student Affairs

Housing Development Plan Beam Signing

Usually during the summer months Athens is known to be a bit quieter. With many students home for the summer, the pace slows down just a bit. Even so, that did not slow down the progress of Phase I of the Housing Development Plan (HDP).

Phase I includes the construction of four new state-of-the-art residence halls connected by a Learning Commons. The buildings were just over 40% complete as of August 13.

In celebration of all the progress that has been made, a special beam signing ceremony was held on August 11 in the Adams Hall garage. A beam signing is a traditional occurrence in many construction projects. The event hosted all of Residential Housing staff, including the student Resident Assistants who were back early for orientation. Each person had the opportunity to sign the beam and doodle a phrase or two. The beam was then raised and bolted onto the Learning Commons structure.

“Students had seen the process start in Phase I, but when they returned to campus they saw an actual structure with a roof and bricks,” said Christine Sheets, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. “Everyone is enthusiastic to see the future opportunities this will create on the overall campus community and the impact it will have from a marketing/recruitment perspective.”

Mock-up rooms were created to replicate the exact look and feel of the new suite-style rooms, and were available for everyone to tour.

“Everyone loved the new features with the suite style and connecting bathroom,” Sheets explained. “The addition of amenities such as USB ports, dimming lights, and increased overall square footage, and ceiling heights will provide great spaces to live.”

Phase I is on schedule, and the new residence halls are slated for opening next fall (2015-16). Phase I is just the beginning of a transformational Athens campus.

Over the next ten years more than just new buildings will be added to the HDP. New green spaces and pathways linking South Green to East Green and Upper Campus will be additional ammenities for students. This effort to connect all parts of campus create a space that everyone will be able to enjoy.