The Division of Student Affairs

Synergistic Supervision

The Synergistic Supervision of Graduate Assistants in Student Affairs is a supervision model that was brought to Ohio University and implemented in the fall of 2013.

There are nine components to the model: dual focus, joint effort, two-way communication, focus on competence, growth orientation, proactivity, goal-based, systematic and ongoing process, and holism. Combined with action suggestions, developed by Judy Piercy and Jolene Petroc, these components guide both supervisors and graduate assistants through a positive and developmental supervisory experience.

The Synergistic Supervision model began with training of current GA supervisors. In August 2013, a survey was taken by second year GA’s, asking them to reflect on the past year as a graduate assistant (without the synergistic supervision model implemented). Following that initial survey, supervisors managed their GA's with guidance from this model. At the end of the 2013-2014 academic year, a second survey was conducted to measure the effectiveness of the new supervision style; every response was a positive difference from the previous survey conducted in the fall.