"Everything I Need To Know, I Learned In Anatomy"


If you can make it through the first day without passing out, you're going to be okay.


When you take care of your body, your body will be good to you.


Regardless of what anyone tells you, we're not all the same on the inside; however, it is what's on the inside that counts (at least, as far as practicals are concerned).


Formaldehyde really does make you hungry;  it was once used as an appetite enhancing treatment for anorexia nervosa.


Nothing says a man is more comfortable with his sexuality than a pair of maroon scrubs.


Few things on earth pose a greater danger than an anxious medical student wielding a sharp object.


A lifetime of fast food will work wonders for your aorta.


The power saw:  it isn't just for carpentry any more!


Frank H. Netter is a god among men (and knows how to enjoy a good Cuban while at work).


When treated roughly, livers can grow to the size of small children.


Newton's Fourth Law of Gravity:  when lifting a hemi-pelvis from its holding bucket, the pelvis will inevitably slip from your hands and send a tidal wave of pelvi-juice in which you will be baptized.


The human brain is disappointingly small.


You will never forget your donor.


Your family no longer wants to know what you did at school each day.


Once you begin to peruse "The Photo Atlas of Anatomy" with each meal, you are no longer fit for polite society...



(Submitted by a former OU-HCOM student...although she denies authorship)


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