Ohio University 2021 - 2022 Spring Semester MATH 1350 - Survey of Calculus

MATH 1350 Coordinator: Mark Barsamian, barsamia@.ohio.edu

MATH 1350 Regional Campus Coordinator: Cathleen Ann Battiste Presutti, battiste@.ohio.edu

MATH 1350 is offered on the various campuses of Ohio University

This web page gives information about the Athens Campus Sections of MATH 1350 for the 2021 - 2022 Spring Semester.

Complete List of Spring 2021 Athens Campus Sections of MATH 1350, and their Instructors

Course Description: A survey of basic concepts of Calculus for students who want an introduction to Calculus, but who do not need the depth of MATH 2301

Prerequisites: MATH 1321 or (C or better in 1200) or Math Placement Level 2 or higher and WARNING: No credit for this course and MATH 2301 (MATH 1350 always deducted)

Introductory Video for the Athens Campus Sections of MATH 1350

Video Illustrating How to Set Up MyLab

Essentials About How the Course Works

Information about the Hybrid Course Format:

Schedule for the 2021 - 2022 Spring Semester: Link to Schedule

Final Exam (Covering Chapters 2,3,4,5,6) All of the Athens Campus Sections of MATH 1350 will have their Final Exam on Thursday, April 28, 2022, from 2:30pm - 4:30pm. More information about the Final Exam (including room locations and a study guide) can be found in the Schedule Entry for April 28 in the Course Schedule


Information about the Required Computer Tools:

Tasks for the Student

Immediate Task for the Student: Go to the Blackboard page for the course to do two things.

Study Routine for the Student: The MATH 1350 Student should organize their work for the course by keeping an eye on two schedules:

Remember that the mathematical skills need for the Homework Assignments and the Class Presentations are taught in the Instructional Videos that accompany the Homework Assignments. (And the skills are taught in the textbook.)

The student should also keep in mind that there will be either a Quiz or an Exam in every Friday meeting.

More Information about Course Policy

Attendance Policy

Policy on Cheating:

Resources for the Student

Special Needs: If you have specific physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities and require accommodations, please let your Instructor know as soon as possible so that your learning needs may be appropriately met. You should also register with the Office of Student Accessibility Services to obtain written documentation and to learn about the resources they have available.

For Extra Help:

Calculators and Free Online Math Resources:

More Information about Course Content

Skills that students will learn in MATH 1350: Link to Learning Outcomes

List of Textbook Sections with Homework Assignments: Link to Homework

Details about the Textbook and the Inclusive Access Program

Textbook Information: Link to Textbook Information

Paying for access to the eText and MyLab Math is handled by the Inclusive Access Program. When students register for MATH 1350, they automatically get access to the MyLab Math system (which includes the online eText copy of the textbook) and their student accounts are billed for this access. For more information about the Inclusive Access Program, click on this link: (Information about the Inclusive Access Program)

Information for Instructors

Information about how MATH 1350 was designed: Link to Information about MATH 1350 Design

MATH 1350 Instructor Resources : Link to Instructor Resources

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