Mark Barsamian

Associate Lecturer
Coordinator of MATH 1350
Ohio University Department of Mathematics

(outside Morton Hall in 2016)

Paper Mail: Department of Mathematics / Morton Hall / Ohio University / Athens, Ohio, 45701

e-mail: barsamia (the "at" sign) ohio (dot) edu

2021 - 2022 Spring Semester Courses

Links to Web Pages for my Past Courses:

click on the book to see my Textbook for Axiomatic Geometry
Textbook for Axiomatic Geometry

Reading on Logical Terminology, Notation, and Proof Structure: Logical Terminology

Online Math Software and Resources : (Link)

Instructor Resources : (Link)

Student Resources : (Link)

Information about a bug in Microsoft Word 2013 : (Link)

Einstein the Dog (2006)
by Nina Romans (b.1996)(my niece)

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