Brune's December 2004 Belize Trip

Roxanne, Ryan, and Carl were in Belize December 22-30. This was the first time any of us had been to Central America and Ryan's first international trip (Canada does not count). We spend the first four days at the La Milpa Field Station in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area (Rio Bravo), located in the northwest part of the country. Then we spent two days at Hopkins, on the beach in in central Belize. We ended the trip with two days at Gales Point which is located at the end of a peninsula in a large largoon about 30 miles north of Hopkins. When not relaxing on the beach we were usually out hiking or driving around the countryside. Roxanne did a great job of organizing our trip.

We took a bunch of photos; you can see them by following the links below. In each section they are in chronological order. Some are better than others... we decided to be inclusive.

We had a great time. -- Carl Brune (