Tenth Annual Math Morning in the Life of High School Students

Quiz Contests

The focus in each of the contests will be on foundations and no calculators will be allowed (or needed). All contestants are expected to know basic concepts that are needed for the Algebra II course. These include formulas for area of a triangle, rectangle, quadrilateral, circle etc.;  Pythagorean Theorem;  analyzing figures using angles, distance, similarity, and congruence; etc.  The quiz questions may include foundational questions. Students will be expected to solve problems but generally the problems will not involve complex computations. Typically the questions will be quick applications of the concepts that from algebra and pre-calculus courses.  It is expected that contestant are able to perform simple computations without using a calculator . In addition to problems involving simple algebraic computations, the format of the problems can be ‘True or False’, ‘Multiple Choice’, ‘Completing a statement’, etc. It is expected that the contestants are familiar with interval notation, properties of absolute values, inequalities, domain, range, evaluating function values, laws of exponents,  slope and equation of a line, intercepts, slope of a line parallel or perpendicular to a given line, position of points in different quadrants, scientific notation, factoring trinomials and other expressions, polynomials, special products, simplifying rational expressions, radicals, quadratic functions and their graphs, etc. Pre-Calculus contestants are also expected to have knowledge of trigonometric functions and their properties, inverse trigonometric functions and their properties, conic sections, properties of exponential and logarithmic functions, polynomial equations, composition of functions, even and odd functions, polar coordinates, etc.

Each contest will have four rounds. For each contest, every team for that contest will play the first two rounds. At the end of second round we will start eliminating teams.  All questions in each round will be timed. The time for each question will vary from 30 seconds to 1 minute. A team will get five points for giving correct answer to a question and no point if the answer given by the team is incorrect or if the team does not give an answer. The team that answers a question fastest will get an additional bonus point provided the answer given by the team is correct. Scoring will be cumulative.

Sample Questions for Algebra Contest

Sample Questions for Pre-Calculus Contest

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