Signal Corps BC-348

Signal Corps BC-348Q

manufactured by Wells-Gardner

This BC-348 is a 28 volt version of the 14 volt BC-224. B+ power is supplied by an internal dynamotor. Many were converted for 120 volt AC operation by hams after the war. The "Q" model is one of several later models with an added VLF band.

These were used as liaison receivers aboard bombers and other large aircraft in WWII. See the link to the B-17 bomber pictures on the link list. A typical companion transmitter was the ART-13. The liaison receiver was used to communicate with the headquarters airfields at long distances as needed. A typical ground-based receiver with which comunication took place was the BC-779 or other Hammarlund SP-200 series receiver. The typical ground base had a half dozen or more rack-mounted SP-200s.

BC-348 pic

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