Hallicrafters WR-600 receiver

Hallicrafters WR-600 receiver

The WR-600 is a single conversion general coverage receiver covering 4 bands from AM broadcast to 30 MHz. It is a wood grain metal cabinet variation of the more common S-120. Primarily intended for the Shortwave Listener, it features electrical bandspread, and regenerative IF for BFO. Tubes in this set are four of the "All_American Five" tubes; 12BE6 as converter, 12BA6 as IF amp, 12AV6 as detector/ AVC/ first audio, and 50C5 for audio output. The set is AC-DC and uses a selenium rectifier. All four of the tubes in this set bear the original Hallicrafters logo and also "Made in Japan". The WR-600 and other S-120 variations are the successors to the Hallicrafters S-38 series. Although this radio is just labeled WR-600, the model itself came in two flavors, the WR-600W (wood grain cabinet, this set) and the WR-600G (gray cabinet).

The advertised price was $69.95 in 1961.

Hallicrafters WR-600
Hallicrafters WR-600

As noted, the circuit for this radio is identical to the S-120. The Hallicrafters manual for the S-120 is available from BAMA.

After safety checks, I powered the set with an isolated variac. The set hummed severely. The electrolytic (orange color on the chassis) needed to be replaced. I disconnected the electrolytic but left it in place. Individual small electrolytics were added under the chassis. I also replaced several other caps.

Hallicrafters WR-600 chassis

I followed up with an alignment. The oscillator tracking was easily aligned with a portable frequency counter. The ferrite coils did require some adjustment which was to be expected given the age of the set. Tweaking of the converter stage coils and trimmers made for improvement in sensitivity on all the bands.

The original tubes were still in this set. The set has apparently seen minimal use despite the aging of the ferrites. Final sensitivity was excellent on broadcast and very good on the shortwave bands, among the best I have seen for a relatively simple circuit without an RF amp.

A problem with the radio ocurred later. One of the wire connections on the Standby-Receive switch was broken. I suspect the connection may have been intermittent for quite some time.

Sister Hallicrafters models.

WR-600 flanked by S-120 and SW-500
S-120 ( left), WR-600 (center) and SW-500 (right). All use the same circuit.

A Mystery RF-AF Oscillator Chassis was the previous item on the bench.

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