TSM articles by KB8TAD

Articles written from 2014 to 2018 by Rich KB8TAD for "The Spectrum Monitor"

----2018 Radio Restoration columns and Feature articles ----

Dec 2018 FEATURE - The EICO story: The Electronic Instrument Company and Its Kits
Dec 2018 Recollecting My First EICO; The 425K Oscilloscope
Nov 2018 Benrus 10B; The "Heavy Metal" Clock Radio
Oct 2018 Reviving a Comanche: The Siltronix 1011D
Sep 2018 The Unusual Clock Radio: Philco 53-706
Aug 2018 The Rescue; Drake SPR-4 Communications Receiver
Jul 2018 FEATURE - Listening in on the WWI Western Front; The SCR-54A (BC-14A)Receiver
Jul 2018 Ballantine 300 and The Boonton Connection
Jun 2018 The Transition; a Tale of Two Philcos
May 2018 A Not-So-Scarce Hallicrafters,Model SX-99
Apr 2018 Hallicrafters S-85, Another Scarce Model
Mar 2018 A Different Hallicrafters, model 8R40
Feb 2018 Invasion of the 2 band Transoceanic Clones, Whodunit?
Jan 2018 Harman-Kardon A-260 "Chorale" Stereo Amplifier


----2017 Radio Restoration columns and Feature articles ----

Dec 2017 What’s an “Acoustic Labyrinth?” The Stromberg Carlson 240M
Dec 2017 FEATURE - Meter Matters: Modern vs. Vintage Meters in Radio Restoration
Nov 2017 Putting the Spark back into a Sparks-Withington (Sparton 141X)
Oct 2017 Re-converting a Radio for the "Summer of '42" (Motorola 50P for Pontiac)
Sep 2017 The "Moving Coil" Radio; National NC-100 (RCK version)
Aug 2017 Restoring a Heathkit HG-10B VFO
Jul 2017 FEATURE - "Modernizing" the TV-7/U tube tester with a Sencore, Hickok or homebrew adapter
Jul 2017 Restoring a Heathkit HR-10B Receiver
Jun 2017 Restoring a Heathkit DX-60 Transmitter
May 2017 Philco48-360; Last of the "Woodie" Portables
Apr 2017 Philco46-350; The "Tambour Door" Portable
Mar 2017 A 1940 Bakelite Radio; Zenith 6D510W
Feb 2017 Raymond Loewe meets Rube Goldberg; the Hallicrafters SR-75
Jan 2017 Hallicrafters S-38B, the UL-approved basket case

----2016 Radio Restoration columns and Feature articles ----

Dec 2016 The Heathkit Laboratory-type Signal Generators, LG-1 and IG-42
Nov 2016 The Freshman Masterpiece; A 1920s TRF Experience
Oct 2016 The Triple Conversion Puzzle; Hammarlund HQ-180A
Sep 2016 Restoring a Classic; Philco 60B "Baby Grand" Cathedral
Aug 2016 Awakening the Knight; Allied Knight TR-106 6 Meter AM transceiver
Jul 2016 FEATURE article - Tube Tester Basics; Understanding and Restoring Emission Testers
Jul 2016 Finishing up the Hammarlund HQ-129X part 3; those Modifications
Jun 2016 Another Heavy Hammarlund HQ-129X Part 2; Voltage and Alignment
May 2016 Not Another Heavy Hammarlund HQ-129X ?!
Apr 2016 Sound and Light: The Mitchell Lumitone 1260
Mar 2016 Another Lafayette Radio: New Life for an HA-230
Feb 2016 The Saga of the Philips BX-490A: Beauty and the Geek
Jan 2016 In Command Again Part 2: Experiments in Powering the Command Transmitters


----2015 Radio Restoration columns and Feature articles ----

Dec 2105 FEATURE article -- Variacs 101, answering those questions
Dec 2015 In Command again, a pair of ARC-5 & SCR-274N aircraft transmitters; Part 1
Nov 2015 Powering and Testing the Zenith Trans-Oceanic G-500
Oct 2015 From Aristocrat to Royalty; First Look at a Zenith Trans-Oceanic G-500
Sep 2015 A Classic Pair of Heath Hi-Fi Twins, Part 2: The AA-151 Amplifier
Aug 2015 A Classic Pair of Heath Hi-Fi Twins, Part 1: The AJ-11 Tuner
Jul 2015 FEATURE article -- Watts Up? Line Voltage for Vintage Radios
Jul 2015 AC Power and a Dial Cover for the Zenith 5K037
Jun 2015 First Look at a Zenith 5K037 "Farm" Set
May 2015 Powering the Real McCoy 75 Watt Novice transmitter
Apr 2015 The Real McCoy: A 1957 Homebrew Novice Transmitter
Mar 2015 The Admiral Bean-Counter Special: Part II
Feb 2015 FEATURE article -- Listening for WWII POWs
Feb 2015 The Admiral Y3509 Minimalist radio
Jan 2015 Back to the Future

-------------------2014 Feature articles ------------------

Jan 2014 FEATURE article - Philips-USA and the Un-'Happy Station'
Mar 2014 FEATURE article - A Tale of Two Progressive Radios
Apr 2014 FEATURE article - From Army Pirates to Morale Radio
May 2014 FEATURE article - It Started With A CB
Aug 2014 FEATURE article - Returning to the Carrier: The YE-ZB Radio System
Oct 2014 FEATURE article - Radios for the Summer of '42
Dec 2014 FEATURE article - Testing Those Vintage Capacitors
Dec 2014 FEATURE article - Mystery Regenerative Radio


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