Ridgely Image

Ryan Ridgely

WitmerLab at Ohio University
- 3D Vertebrate Morphologist
- Scientific Illustrator
- 3D X-ray Imaging Specialist

Ohio University School of Visual Communication
- Graduate Student in Infographics and Interactive Media

Email: ridgely@ohio.edu

Click on thumbnails in the mini-portfolio below to see some featured projects from my long and varied career. Behind each image below, you'll find a video, animation, image, or story. I've worn, and continue to wear a lot of hats, and this portfolio shows my broad professional interests

Driving my research is asking, "What makes it work? How is it put together? What makes it what it is?"

Tyrannosaurs on Display
Watch this Space!
Memphis Belle Infographic
Memphis Belle Infographic
T-rex Brain
3D Printable Tyrannosaurus rex Brain!
Allosaurus Dinosaur Feeding
Animated Infographic: Allosaurus Feeding
rhino anatomy
Rhinoceros Conservation Efforts
Stegoceras airflow
Animated Infographic: Dinosaur Breathing
Long-Necked Dinosaur Anatomy
Nitrogen cycle
Aquarium Maintenance Infographic
B-17G Flying Fortress Model and Rig
Interactive Model: B-17 Flying Fotress
Four eyed lizard
Ancient Lizard Illustration
human skull
Interactive Medical Education
Tyrannosaurs on Display
Baby Tyrannosaur Restoration on Exhibit
Ridgely and Ankylosaurs
New "Twists" in Dinosaur Noses