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Susan H. Williams, Ph.D. Comparative Functional Morphology & Biomechanics

My research focuses on the functional morphology and biomechanics of feeding. I use the vertebrate feeding apparatus as a model system for investigating musculoskeletal integration, the effects of cyclical loading on skeletal morphology, muscle coordination and development, and motor pattern evolution. I am also interested in  understanding how dietary preferences, food mechanical properties and feeding behavior influence the evolution of the skull. Studies are currently underway on a variety of mammals, including artiodactyls, carnivorans, rodents, primates, and bats and lizards.



Current Projects:

XROMM based analysis of skeletal movement during feeding

> Ontogeny of chewing motor patterns and jaw-muscle coordination
> Evolution of chewing motor patterns
> Ecological physiology of feeding in howler monkeys
> Masticatory biomechanics and jaw form in mammals
> Adaptations for gape and bite force production in rodents
> I am accepting students into the lab to start in Fall, 2018 for the PhD Program in Biological Sciences through the program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (PH 2517). Applications are due  Jan. 8, 2018).
> Students with interests in experimental and comparative approaches to functional morphology and biomechanics are especially encouraged to apply (but no experience necessary). Research currently underway includes 3D analysis of vertebrate feeding (chewing, prey capture, etc) in mammals and lizards using X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology.
> Please contact me directly to discuss your research interests.  willias7@ohio.edu
Lab News:

University Academic Affiliations:

Graduate Program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology ◄► Ohio Center for Ecology & Evolutionary Biology ◄► Ohio Paleontology

Department of Biomedical Sciences ◄► Department of Biology 

Office Location:
Ohio University
121 Life Sciences Building (740) 593-2363



Mailing Address:
Ohio University

Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
228 Irvine Hall
Athens, OH 45701