Lawrence M. Witmer, PhD

Associate Professor of Anatomy

Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Ohio University
123 Life Sciences Building
Athens, Ohio  45701  USA

Phone: 740 593 9489
Fax: 740 593 1730

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Pediatrics RPAC
Basic Science Integration Sessions

Date Educational Day Topic Moderator Basic Science Presenter Title Date
Mar-04 Adolescent Medicine Faust M. Berryman Basic skin histology. 03/17/04
Feb-04 Pediatric Endocrinology Faust J. Kopchick Growth hormone (GH), GH antagonists, and GH receptor "knockouts": of mice and men (and women). 02/18/04
Jan-04 Pediatric Gastroenterology Faust J. Blazyk Obesity and Type 2 diabetes in children: a biochemical viewpoint. 01/21/04
Dec-03 OMM Dillinger J. N. Howell Somatic dysfunction and OMT—A view from basic science. 12/16/03
Nov-03 Pediatric Cardiology Eilerman L. M. Witmer Anatomical basis of craniofacial birth defects. (in connection with Oct-03 Ed Day on Neonatology) 11/19/03
Sep-03 Pediatric Orthopedics Eilerman L. M. Witmer Orthopedic Anatomy. 09/17/03
Aug-03 Pediatric Pulmonology Dillinger K. J. Goodrum Immunology of asthma. 08/20/03
Apr-03 Pediatric Neurology Wapner P. M. O'Connor Embryology of the eye and visual pathways. 04/16/03
Feb-03 Pediatric Endocrinology Wapner F. V. Nowak Thyroid hormone physiology: basis for interpretation of thyroid disorders. 02/19/03
Jan-03 Pediatric Gastroenterology Wapner L. M. Witmer Embryological anatomy of the GI tract and related birth defects. 01/15/03
Nov-02 Renal Wapner S. Inman Renal function and disease in children. 11/20/02
Aug-02 Neonatology Wapner L. M. Witmer Developmental anatomy of the heart and the embryological basis for cardiac defects. 08/21/02
Mar-02 GI Devlin B. Biegalke Rotavirus: viral diarrhea & vaccine development. 03/20/02
Feb-02 Renal Devlin S. Inman Renal function in children. 02/20/02
Nov-01 Respiratory Devlin J. Blazyk A biochemical view of lung surfactant and RDS. 11/21/01
Sep-01 HEENT Devlin L. M. Witmer Cranial nerves and common peripheral lesions. 09/19/01
Aug-01 Neonatology Devlin J. Howell Pulmonary mechanics in acute respiratory distress syndrome 08/15/01
May-01 Pediatric Immunology Bellas B. Biegalke HIV-Host interactions. 05/16/01
Apr-01 Pediatric Neurology Bellas B. A. Code Neuroembryology of neural tube defects. 04/18/01
Mar-01 Adolescent Medicine Bellas M. Berryman Basic skin histology. 03/21/01
Feb-01 Pediatric Endocrinology Bellas J. Kopchick Animal models for the study of growth hormone's role in diabetic end organ damage. 02/21/01
Jan-01 Pediatric Gastroenterology Bellas J. Blazyk Obesity and Type II diabetes in children: a biochemical viewpoint. 01/17/01
Nov-00 Pediatric Cardiology Bellas H. Akbar Angiotensin II, ACE Inhibitors and Angiotensin-Receptor (AT1) Blockers 11/15/00
Oct-00 Pediatric Neonatology Bellas L. M. Witmer Anatomical basis of craniofacial birth defects. 10/18/00
Sep-00 Pediatric Orthopedics Bellas L. M. Witmer Orthopedic anatomy. 09/20/00
Aug-00 Pediatric Pulmonology Bellas K. Goodrum Immunology of asthma. 08/16/00
May-00 Hemat., Oncol., Immunol. Beichner P. Johnson  /J. Howell Normal physiologic pediatric anemia and some disease states. 05/17/00
Apr-00 Neurology Beichner B. Biegalke Viral meningitis and encephalitis.  04/19/00
Mar-00 Adolescent/
Beichner L. M. Witmer Gross anatomy and embryology of joints.  03/15/00
Feb-00 Endocr., Metab., & Genet. Beichner J. Kopchick Growth hormone action: From mice to man.  02/16/00
Jan-00 Pediatric gastroenterology Beichner L. M. Witmer Embryological anatomy of the GI tract. 01/19/00
Nov-99 Pediatric cardiology Beichner L. M. Witmer Developmental anatomy of the heart. 11/17/99