Online communities and Online relationships

Research and writing on Fan Groups and online couples

Andrea J. Baker  (andee)



Drawing “Dinner with Laptops” by Nancy Elliott.  
Photo and tongue collages by 3DTeafoe.
Painting of Keith and Fan by Kristin Thiele.

       Research and writings by Andrea J. Baker,   Ohio University


  1. Ph.D. Sociology

  2. Assoc. Professor

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Current Work:

  1. Rock Fans Online


  1. Double Click: Romance and Commitment Among Online Couples, 2005.
    Flyer and Table of Contents. More Info:,

  2. Online Matchmaking, (Co-Editor), Palgrave MacMillan, 2007

  3. YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED: Stories of the Fans of The Rolling Stones
    For general audiences, Miniver Press, 2014 in paperback and Kindle.