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Ichnology Research Lab

Department of Geological Sciences, Ohio University

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Investigating the links between organism-substrate interactions and paleoenvironmental, paleoecological, and paleoclimatic change

through geologic time.


Research opportunities in Ichnology, Paleopedology, Paleontology, and Sedimentology.

Contact Information:


Daniel I. Hembree, Ph.D


316 Clippinger Laboratories

Department of Geological Sciences

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio 45701

Office: 740-597-1495














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Dan Hembree, Ph.D.


Research Group

News and Opportunities

Dr. Hembree is a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at Ohio University. He studies organism-substrate interactions in both modern and ancient terrestrial ecosystems.  More…

Research in Dr. Hembree’s lab involves the interpretation of the paleoenvironmental, paleoclimatic, and paleoecological significance of paleosols and ichnofossils preserved in the geologic record. This includes not only the study of paleosols and continental ichnofossils throughout geologic time, but also experimental study of the burrowing behaviors of extant terrestrial annelids, arthropods, amphibians, and reptiles.  More…


Graduate and undergraduate students are involved in a number of laboratory and field-based research projects. The Department of Geological Sciences at OU has a strong sedimentary geology program with a number of faculty and students. Ohio University has several paleontologists divided among three departments.  More…

I am currently looking for new graduate and undergraduate students. Check here for news of funding opportunities and research projects.  More…








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