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Course Description

This course examines the behavior of individuals and groups in organizations. We will focus on high performance and satisfaction in the modern workplace, and in the context of cultural diversity, globalization, ethical behavior, and social responsibility. Coursework is designed to enhance career readiness in management and team leadership. The pre-requisite for this course is junior-level standing.

Course Objectives

General learning outcomes for the course include being able to:

  • define the purpose and nature of the field of organizational behavior;
  • differentiate between the dominant perspectives in the field of organizational behavior;
  • correctly describe various organizational behavior concepts, theories, and models;
  • understand when and where the use of specific concepts, theories, and models is appropriate and correctly apply these; and
  • function as a productive member of a group/team and organization.

Required Text

Organizational Behavior 12e connects OB concepts with applications and is the clearest, most current and applicable OB text today - helping students understand how they can thrive in the world of work. Through experiential exercises and activities that ask students to evaluate themselves as leaders and colleagues, students are encouraged to reflect, grow and understand how they can contribute their professional and social environments.

Known for sound pedagogy, research, and a rich framework of personal and organizational skills, OB 12e presents students with a full portfolio of concepts and applications. In addition, the 12th Edition continues to emphasize global business issues important for future generations, including ethics, leadership, and sustainability. (Review provided by John Wiley & Sons)

Organizational Behavior, Twelfth Edition
Behavior, 12e
Hunt, & Osborn)

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