Physics 2053 : Contemporary Physics:
Relativity and Quantum Phenomena

Spring 2016

Instructor Prof. Ch. Elster
Office 265 Clippinger
Class MWF 9:40-10:35 am, Clip 131
Group work (F) Clip 259 or Clip 043B
Office Hours M 10:45-11:45 and by appointment

Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers by John C. Morrison, 1st edition


Class & Homework
Week Ch Session Notes H-Work
1/11 0 Review Waves & Mechanics Double Slit hw1
1/18 1 Wave and Particle Duality Photoelectric Effect PhET hw2p
1/25 1 Wave and Particle Duality Planck's assumptions
Bohr Model Bragg Scattering Braggs Legacy hw3
Davisson-Germer Experiment Crystallography
2/1 2 Schroedinger Wave Equation Finite 1D Well hw4
Brief History of QM (I) Harmonic Oscillator
2/8 3 Operators and Waves Imaging Atoms hw5
Potential Barriers and Steps Quantum Tunneling (PhET)
2/15 3/4 Schroedinger Eq. in 3D Hydrogen Atom Stellar Atmospheres
H Radial Functions Spherical Harmonics hw6p
2/22 4 Hydrogen Atom Exam 1
2/29 Spring Break --------------- NOVA: Quantum Theory - Documentary
3/07 4 H-Atom: Fine Structure, Zeeman Effect Hydrogen Wave Functions hw7
3/14 5 Electron Spin Many-Electron Atoms , Atomic States hw8
3/21 6 X-Rays , X-ray Astronomy Lasers, How Lasers work, Simulation hw9p
3/28 11 Michaelson Morley Experiment Space-Time Simple Relativity, Einstein Documentary hw10
4/4 12 MIT GameLab: Slower Speed of Light YT Playthrough hw11
4/11 14 Some Nuclear Units Chart of Nuclides
Bethe-Weizsäcker mass formula
Nuclear Chart today, Marie Curie hw12
4/18 14 Nuclear Force, Fission, Fusion
History of Nuclear Fission,
CERN: cloud chamber,
Symmetry Magazin: Build your own, video
Island of Stability in Nuclear Physics
KATRIN Experiment, Majorana Project
4/29 Final Exam 1-3 pm Rm 035

Charlotte Elster
January 2016