Charlotte Elster

Professor of Physics


Ohio University

Main Field: Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (INPP)
Fellow of the American Physical Society
Nature of Research and Scholarship

Current Research Interests
  • Nuclear Reactions
  • Few-Nucleon Systems
  • Relativistic Effects in Few-Body Systems
  • High Performance Computing

Selected Research Work

Selected Conference Contributions and Invited Talks

Current National Committees and Offices

  • Jefferson Laboratory Program Advisory Committee
  • Division of Nuclar Physics (DNP) of the American Physical Society Bonner Prize Committee, Chair

Curriculum Vitae

Complete Publication List

Inspire Profile

Google Scholar Profile

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Few-Body Topical Group of the American Physical Society (APS)

Fall 2021: PSs 1050/51: Color, Light, and Sound
Spring 2016: Phys 2053: Modern Physics
Fall 2016: Phys 5071: Computational Physics
Spring 2012: Phys 611/612: Quantum Mechanics
Fall 2009: Phys 726: Particles and Nuclei I: Nuclear Reactions
Fall 2006: Phys 735: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Winter 2003: Phys 251: General Physics: Mechanics
Winter 1999: Phys 755: Nuclear Theory

Resident Cats
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Favorite Photographs
Figure Skating

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