Physics 735: Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Winter 2009

Instructor Prof. Ch. Elster
Office 265 Clippinger
Class MTF, 1:10pm - 2:00pm, Clippinger 131 (T 354)
Addl Class (announced) W, 1:10pm - 2:00pm, Clippinger 131
Office hours by appointment as needed

Textbooks :
Quantum Mechanics II, A 2nd Course in Quantum Theory , R.H. Landau, 2nd Ed. WILEY-VCH 2004

Additional References:
Modern Quantum Mechanics, J.J. Sakurai, San Fu Tuan, Addison-Wesley, 1994
Quantum Collision Theory, Charles J. Joachain, North-Holland, 1987
Advanced Quantum Mechanics , F. Schwabl, Springer 1997 (well written)
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: Wave Equations by W. Greiner, Springer 1997 (learning by solving problems)
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics by S.D. Bjorken and J.D. Drell (Library only)
Relativisitc Quantum Mechanics and Introduction to Field Theory, F. J. Yndurain, Springer 1996.
Quantum Mechanics II, A. Messiah
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory, F. Gross, (Wiley 1999)

Mathematical References:
Mathematical Methods for Physicists, G.B. Arfken, H.J. Weber
Methods of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 1, Courant and Hilbert
Methods of Theoretical Physics, I and II, Morse and Feshbach


Problem sets: 30%; Class Participation: 10%; Take-Home exam: 30%; In-Class Exam: 30%


Homework will be assigned once every week or once every two weeks, depending on the amount and length of the problems.

Course Content

A course `advanced quantum mechanics' can be viewed on the one hand a course where some of the material is revisited and put into a broader context, on the other hand it should also show some of the advanced concepts, which lead from nonrelativistic quantum mechanics to the problems the incoorporation of special relativity intoduces to quantum mechancis, and which eventually lead to quantum field theory.

  • Quantum Scattering
  • Quantum Dynamics
  • Relativistic Wave Equations (Klein-Gordon, Dirac)

Lecture Notes:

QM Scattering I
QM Scattering II
Quantum Dynamics
Lorentz Transformations
Klein-Gordon Equation
Dirac Equation I
Dirac Equation II
Mandelstam Variables


Charlotte Elster
January 5 2009