General Physics 251 - Winter 2003

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Instructor Prof. Dr. Ch. Elster Text Physics for Scientists and Engineers
Office Clippinger 242-C Paul A. Tipler, 4th Edition
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Lon-Capa Homework
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Sample Quiz (Math Quiz)

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Chapter Examples Demos
C1: Introduction Units
C2: 1D Motion Breaking Porsche Bulldozer on Moving Sheet (I), Rolling Ball Incline
C3: Motion in 2D and 3D Velocity in 2D Vector Additon, Vector Components
Bulldozer on Moving Sheet (II)
Projectile Motion Range Gun
Shoot the Monkey Monkey Gun , Shooter/Dropper
Home run Vertical Gun on Car , Vertical Gun on Accelerated Car
C4: Newton's Laws Tablecloth Jerk, Pencil and Plywood
Ex #1, Ex #2 Reaction Gliders, Car on Rolling Board
Ex #3, Ex #4 Fan with Car Sail, Fire Extinguisher Wagon
C5: Applications Static vs. Kinetic Friction
Loop-I Area and Weight Dependence of Static Friction
Flat Curve Rotation Disk, Roundup, Whirling Bucket of Water
C6: Work and Energy Golden Block I, II Pile Driver, Spring
Box Lifting, Springy Springs Prony Brake
C7: Conservation Loop-II, Spring-Block Energy Well Track
      of Energy The Peg and the Pendulum Galileo's Pendulum, Bowling Ball Pendulum
C8: Systems of Particles CM-Starters, Projectile Center of Mass, Clown on Rope
Return of Sumo, Elastic Analysis Colliding Balls, Pool Balls
Ballistic Pendulum Ballistic Pendulum
C9: Rotation Helicoptor Rotor
Parallel-Axis Theorem
Block-Pulley I, II
The Race, Rolling Along Rolling Bodies on Incline
Rotating Sphere
C10: Angular Momentum Conservation Merry-Go-Round, Rotating Rod Marbles and Funnel
Spinning Spinning
C11: Gravity Escape Speed, Satellite
C12: Static Equilibrium Hanging Safe, Firefighter

List of Helpful Equations
Uniform Motion in One and Two Dimensions
Equations for Projectile Motion
Review for Midterm
Answers for Sample Midterm
Relations Between Translational and Rotational Motion
Most Important Equations
Review for Final
Sample Final Exam
Answers for Sample Final

Final Exam - Points

Charlotte Elster
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