PBIO 1140
Foundations of Plant Biology

Spring 2021

* Hello Dr. Hua I'm not sure if you remember me but I was in your plant bio class last fall and as a freshman in an online setting I have been really frustrated this whole year and even more this semester due to how my current professors are teaching their classes so I wanted to get in touch and say I enjoyed your class last semester and i thought you did a really good job about making sure students felt connected and were getting the information we needed. I hope to work with you again at some point.

Fall 2020

* Dr. Hua is very passionate about his teachings which helped me to appreciate a topic that I am not super interested in. He wants students to succeed and is always providing opportunities to encourage further learning and improve our grade.

* He's great at lecturing and goes into detail about topics so that students have a better understanding. Not only does he do synchronized lectures, he also records and posts them, alongside the lecture slides, which makes it easier to study for exams and quizzes or to do homework. He also is very great with responding to questions that students may have whether that be in or outside of class

Spring 2020

* Dr. Hua was so supportive of our success. he told us every lecture and was always available to help with questions and he did an amazing job in switching to online learning!

* His knowledge on the subject was his greatest strength, he could answer any question the class had. He makes himself available and offers students opportunity to improve their grades.

Fall 2019

* Dr. Hua has profound knowledge in biology and has always inspired me to be passionate about my major and know as much as possible. Dr. Hua's lectures were interesting and it was easy for me to engage with the subject concepts and understand biology more.

* I enjoyed this class. He has a lot more knowledge in this field than I ever will and was interesting to talk to him about the subject. I prefer when teachers show enjoyment in teaching and in their subjects, which he did both.

Fall 2018

* Doctor Hua's passion for plant biology really helped him convey why the material being taught was so interesting and important for the world as a whole. He also was very lenient when it came to quizes or assignments which produced a stress free environment that fostered learning.

* Dr. Hua is an excellent instructor who genuinely cares about all of his students. I think that his passion for plant biology was evident in his teachings and instruction. He provided a lot of feedback that was useful in improving our grades and for our own understanding of the course and it’s contents.

PBIO 2050
Biotechnology: From Laboratory to Daily Life

Spring 2021

* Thank you for the course and this semester, I really enjoyed the class it's been one of my favorites I have had and was the first time I enjoyed a science course. I appreciated you as a professor as well, you were always so kind and cheerful every lecture and always quick to help us when needed it. I appreciate all that you have done, you made the course and this semester a great one, thank you.

Fall 2019

* Professor Hua is a fantastic teacher who cares about his students immensely.

* The instructor definitely knows the subject that he teaches and he is very passionate about it and I think that because he is so passionate about his subject it helps to get the material through to the students.

Spring 2019

* Good at explaining how concepts work in the physical world, rather than just the theory as many professors do.

* Very good ability to covey complicated information in a non complicated manner. Kept the class entertaining as well as orderly.

PBIO 4/5280
MCB 5280
Laboratory in Genomics Techniques

Spring 2019

* Dr. Hua knows a lot about the lab skills and bioinformatics and he tries to teach us as much as possible. He answers our questions very patiently.

* He is really nice person. His class is great. All of us learn a lot from this class. He always created an environment that was conducive to learning. He is an expert both in bioinformatics and molecular biology field. We learn so many technologies from his class. He gave us many good suggestions about how to be a good scientist. In addition, he gave us many good comments on every lab report.

Undergradaute Research Experience

* I hope you are having a good week. I would like to let you know that I just got into Ohio State University College of Dentistry! Thank you so much for all the help you have provided me. I would not have gotten this far without your support.

* Thank you for your support and helping me apply for this sholarship, it is very appreciated and means a lot to me.

* ...I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work in your lab and for the professional skills you were able to pass along.

* ...I would like to thank you for my experience this past year. A lot of the things I learned carried over to the position I'm at currently and I had a great time.

Graduate Studies

Paymon Doroodian, Msc.

Received degree on Summer 2020, currently as Research Assistant in Dr. Gary Kupfer's lab at Georgetown University.

* I'd like to thank Dr. Hua for the opportunities he gave me. During my first year, he and I teased apart strengths and weaknesses I had and in that first year, I learned the importance of patience in research. Over time, he always pushed me outside of my comfort zone and taught me how to effectively preform research....Reflecting, I've grown a lot as a researcher since then and have him to thank for that.(from Paymon's Master's thesis)